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Everything You Need to Know About a Palmar Fasciectomy

Palmar fasciectomy is a surgery to the hand to treat the effects of Dupuytren’s disease. Performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, this procedure safely & effectively corrects the thickening of the skin of the palm.

While many cases of Dupuytren’s contracture are mild, you may need to book a consultation with your local plastic surgeon if:  

  • Your ability to use your hands for everyday activities is limited
  • You have any painful or tender lumps in your hand
  • You are finding it difficult to straighten one or more of your fingers

At our Kelowna private hospital, our qualified plastic surgeons are skilled in tendon repair procedures such as palmar fasciectomy to correct any damage done to your palm and restore the full function of your hands as soon as possible.


How is a Palmar Fasciectomy Performed?

This tendon repair procedure involves the surgical removal of the thickened skin tissue which connects the hand and fingers. Your plastic surgeon may recommend it be carried out under a general or local anesthetic.

Depending on the severity of the condition, a palmar fasciectomy can be carried out in one of the following ways:

Segmental Fasciectomy

In this procedure, your plastic surgeon will make one or more small incisions to remove small segments of connective tissue.

Regional Fasciectomy

A regional fasciectomy is the most commonly used procedure. It involves making a single, larger incision through which all the affected tissue is removed.


The damaged connective tissue is removed together with the overlying skin. The wound is then covered with a skin graft.

During an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon, they will be able to determine which type of palmar fasciectomy procedure will best suit all your individual needs and requirements.

Are There Any Risks Involved In This Tendon Repair Procedure?

As with any surgery, there is some risk of infection of the wound, or bleeding after the palmar fasciectomy. In cases where the nerves of the finger are embedded in the affected tissue, there is a risk of temporary, or even permanent, numbness in part of the finger.

Working with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in performing this tendon repair procedure will ensure that all surgical risks are minimized and the health & function of your hand is restored as safely and quickly as possible.


Am I a Candidate for a Palmar Fasciectomy?

This tendon repair surgery is a highly individualized procedure and can be performed on patients of any age. Your plastic surgeon may recommend a palmar fasciectomy if you:

  • Don’t have any additional medical conditions or illnesses that may impair healing
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations for your surgery
  • You are committed to following your plastic surgeon’s prescribed course of treatment

Prior to undergoing this procedure, it’s important to book a consultation with your local plastic surgeon. They will be able to assess your medical history and the severity of your condition to help determine whether a palmar fasciectomy is right for you.


To find out more about our range of orthopedic and general surgery procedures, contact our Kelowna plastic surgeons today at 250-868-9799 or toll free at 877-505-8895.

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