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  • Dec 08, 2022
  • Okanagan Health Surgical Centre

What Conditions Are Treated With Shoulder Surgery?

Conditions That May Need To Receive Shoulder Surgery Rotator Cuff Injury The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons within the shoulder that allows for movement while also keeping the ball of the arm bone in the shoulder socket. A. . .

Okanagan Health Surgical - Are You A Candidate For Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
  • Mar 31, 2022
  • Okanagan Health Surgical Centre

Are You A Candidate For Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery?

What Conditions Can Arthroscopic Surgery Treat? Minimally invasive surgery can be performed on a number of shoulder conditions including: Rotator cuff injuries that cause pain and weakness in the shoulder can be diagnosed and treated. . .

Okanagan Health Surgical Centre | Blog | Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery
  • Sep 09, 2021
  • Okanagan Health Surgical Centre

Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder aches, pains, stiffness, numbness, and tingling are all ways that your shoulder can be crying out for help. Not every single situation calls for you to run to the nearest shoulder surgeon, but there are signs that your body is asking for. . .

okanagan-health-surgical-blog-shoulder surgery
  • Jun 16, 2021
  • Okanagan Health Surgical Centre

5 Shoulder Surgery Options Performed by an Orthopedic Surgeon

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend beer league warrior, or someone who has never thrown a ball in their life you may find yourself struggling with a nagging shoulder injury, or chronic shoulder pain that doesn’t seem to want to go. . .

Kelowna Orthopedic Surgery | Okanagan Health Surgical Centre
  • Feb 14, 2021
  • Okanagan Health Surgical Centre

How to Ensure a Successful Recovery From Your Shoulder Surgery

Are you scheduled to undergo shoulder surgery? While this can have many benefits including improved mobility and pain relief, it does require an extensive healing period. Here is a total guide on what you can expect from the recovery and some tips. . .

  • Jan 14, 2019
  • Okanagan Health Surgical Centre

4 Exercise Tips to Speed Up Your Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Have you recently had shoulder surgery? Here are some post-surgery exercise tips from the surgeons at our Kelowna hospital to help you stay healthy and recover quickly and safely. Do you have a shoulder injury that is not improving with. . .

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