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Post-Operative Instructions

  • On leaving the centre, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who may either drive you home or accompany you home in a taxi, this person should stay with you for the first 24 hours. It is recommended that you do not get up unattended as you may require some assistance.
  • Anesthetics and sedatives may disturb your judgment and coordination for several hours.
  • Rest quietly at home for the balance of the day.
  • You may experience some muscular aches in your back and neck area and! or a sore throat or stuffy nose following a general anesthetic. These symptoms are not serious and will disappear in a short time.
  • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for 48 hours.
  • Do not sign or enter into any legal contract for 24 hours.
  • Take three big breaths every hour until bedtime and move your feet around.
  • You may resume your normal diet; however, eating a light diet for the rest of the operative day will reduce the chance of post operative nausea. (i.e. meat, cheese, eggs, soy)
  • Apply ice to the operative area for ten minutes every hour (while awake) for 24-48 hours to help decrease swelling. Do not put ice directly in your skin to prevent frostbite. A bag of frozen vegetables usually moulds nicely to the operative area.
  • Take your medication as prescribed. Pain medication is taken only as needed. You should not be operating a motor vehicle while taking narcotic pain medication.
  • A nurse from the facilty will call you the day after your surgery to answer any questions. If you have any problems or concerns please contact your surgeon.

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