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How Our Knee Specialists Can Help Restore Function to an Injured Knee

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Do you suffer from chronic knee pain? Our knee specialists can provide some much-needed relief and greatly improve your quality of life. 

Your knees are vital to everyday life and any damage or injury to them can make even simple activities, such as walking, difficult. In many cases, your knee specialist may recommend knee surgery if you: 

  • Are experiencing persistent knee pain and conventional treatments haven’t worked 
  • Suffer from a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis that is affecting your knee
  • Cannot perform day to day activities as a result of the pain or lack of function in your knee 

If you have suffered from an injury or you have arthritis, and conservative treatments such as medicine or physical therapy haven’t helped to relieve the pain, there is no need to continue to suffer! Our knee specialists can help customize a treatment plan to give you relief and enhance the function of your knee. 

Knowledgeable Knee Specialists in Kelowna 

At Okanagan Health Surgical Centre, our team of knee specialists can assess your situation and recommend the best course of action to restore the function to your knee and improve your quality of life. 

From knee arthroscopy to ACL reconstruction, we use the latest knee surgery techniques to give you the safest and most satisfactory results. 

Want to know more? 



What Types of Knee Surgery Are Available? 

At our Kelowna private hospital, our knee specialists focus on two main types of knee surgery to help restore the function to your knee and body. These are: 

1. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery is a less invasive method of surgery that is used to both diagnose and treat issues in the knee and other joints. Using a very small tool, an arthroscope, your doctor can diagnose a range of issues, including: 

  • Persistent stiffness and pain
  • Damaged cartilage 
  • Floating fragments of bone 
  • A buildup of fluid 

Arthroscopic knee surgery is becoming much more popular compared to open forms of knee surgery because it often involves: 

  • Less pain after the treatment 
  • Fewer stitches
  • Faster recovery time 
  • Less tissue damage 
  • Lower risk of infection

At our Kelowna centre, our knee specialists are experienced in knee arthroscopy and often recommended it because the procedure takes approximately 1 hour and serious complications are uncommon. 



2. ACL Reconstruction 

Our skin specialists can perform ACL reconstruction surgery to create a new ligament to take place of a torn ACL. Why is this important? If left untreated, a patient with a torn ACL may experience ongoing symptoms such as pain and knee instability, which will affect the quality of your everyday life. 

Who should consider ACL surgery? 

Determining if you should have ACL reconstruction surgery depends on a number of factors, but typically ACL surgery is a good option for: 

  • Patients who wish to return to high-level athletic activities (eg, professional soccer or basketball) 
  • Individuals who experience recurring episodes of knee instability 
  • Those who have torn more than one ligament in the knee 

Consider this: Patients who choose not to have ACL reconstruction are at a higher risk for secondary injuries such as meniscus tears or injury to the cartilage. Both of these will increase your risk of developing arthritis in the knee. 



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If you have suffered from a knee injury, there are options which can help restore its function and provide you some much-needed pain relief. To find out more about our knee surgeries, visit us at  401-3320 Richter St, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1W 4V5. 

Alternatively, you can contact us at  250-868-9799 or fill in our online contact form.

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