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How to Choose The Right Facial Rejuvenation Treatment For Your Needs

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Are you considering a facial rejuvenation treatment? From cosmetic face surgery such as forehead lifts, brow lifts, and neck lifts, to non-surgical treatments including Botox and Juvederm, here’s how to decide which procedure is best suited for your needs.

Facial rejuvenation refers to the combination of cosmetic procedures designed to restore your facial features to their previous youthful appearance. Some of the most common surgical treatments include face surgeries such as necklifts, brow lifts, and forehead lifts. 

However, more and more people are starting to opt for minimally invasive alternatives to face surgery, including cosmetic treatments such as Botox, tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and more. 

Some of the reasons why plastic surgeons might recommend such treatments are if you: 

  • Want to reverse signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance to your face. 
  • Experience sagging in your face and neck 
  • Are experiencing loss of volume in your cheekbones and contour along your jawline 
  • Have crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes, fine lines and folds around your mouth, and furrows in your forehead. 
  • Have drooping skin and wrinkling which changes the appearance of your upper eyelids, or you have eyelid bags and dark circles under your eyes

Customized Face Surgery and Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation Treatments in Kelowna 

At our Kelowna clinic, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments, including necklifts, brow lifts, forehead lifts, Botox, and tissue fillers, to meet all your anti-aging needs in a safe and efficient manner. 

To find out more about which face surgery or non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment might be right for you, you can schedule a virtual consultation with our plastic surgeon today to have all your questions answered. 


Total Guide to Choosing the Best Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 

In today’s world, our appearance gives our first impression to the world and age-related changes can have a negative impact on our professional and personal lives. If you want to reverse these signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance, then face surgery or facial rejuvenation treatments might be worth considering. 

Here’s a guide on how to choose the right cosmetic procedure for your needs: 

  1. The Eyes and Forehead 

The eyes and forehead are the two facial features which are most likely to make you look older than you feel. Some of the most common issues people struggle with include: 

  • Tired and droopy eyes
  • Sagging upper eyelids 
  • Bags or puffiness under the eyes
  • Frown lines between the brows
  • Forehead wrinkles 

Surgical Procedures For This Area

  • Upper eyelid surgery: This surgery helps remove excess skin to restore a naturally refreshed appearance to the eyes. 
  • Lower eyelid surgery: Used to correct lower eyelid bags and hollowing. 
  • Brow lift surgery: A brow lift will help eliminate any deep frown lines between the brows. 

Non Surgical Procedures For This Area

  • Botox. This injectable relaxes the forehead muscles and eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Laser resurfacing: This will repair any sun damage around the eyes. It can be performed together with, or after, an eyelid surgery or brow lift. 
  1. The Nose 

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is designed to help you accomplish balance and proportion with the rest of the face. Functional rhinoplasty is performed to improve breathing. This type of cosmetic face surgery is often combined with a facelift, chin enhancement, or eyelid surgery to further improve facial harmony. 

Some of the common issues include: 

  • Long or large nose
  • Prominent bump on the bridge 
  • Bulbous nasal tip 
  • Nose that is too wide/small for the face 
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Asymmetrical nose 

Surgical Procedures For The Nose

There are several different types of rhinoplasty surgeries, including: 

  • Open rhinoplasty
  • Closed rhinoplasty
  • Revision rhinoplasty 
  • Functional rhinoplasty 

Non-Surgical Treatments For The Nose

  • Tissue fillers. In some cases, the nose can be reshaped using dermal fillers. These improvements typically last up to 12 months. 

  1. The Face, Cheeks, and Jowls 

Certain factors such as age, gravity, and genetics, can cause facial skin to sag and lose volume over time. Prolonged sunlight exposure also increases the likelihood of experiencing issues with skin texture and tone. 

Some of the face/cheeks/jowls concerns people may have include: 

  • Wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth 
  • Prominent jowls
  • Sagging jawline 
  • Dark spots and other pigmentation 
  • Hollowed cheeks 

Face Surgeries 

  • Facelift: This is ideal if your concerns affect your mid-to-lower face regions. A facelift is designed to improve facial muscle laxity and trim any loose or sagging skin. 
  • Mini-facelift. This has the same goal as a facelift but it is less invasive as smaller incisions are used. 

Non-Surgical Treatments For Facial Aging 

There are several non-surgical treatments that can address the many facial aging concerns people might have. These include: 

Want to Know Which Facial Rejuvenation Treatment is Right For You? Book a Virtual Consultation 

Are you considering a face surgery or minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatment in the near future? Do you want to know more about the costs, benefits, and risks of such treatment, so that you can make a more informed decision about your treatment? 

We are offering virtual consultations with our Kelowna plastic surgeon, during which all your questions and concerns can be addressed from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

To find out more, call us at (250) 868-9799 or fill out our online contact form.

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