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Dr. Bruno Rocca

    Dr. Rocca completed high school in Niagara Falls, Ontario and post earned a diploma in Ambulance and Emergency Care from Niagara Collage. Immediately, he enrolled in Brock University in St. Catharine’s, Ontario and while working as a paramedic earned an honours degree in biology and a degree in education following that.

    In 1993, Dr. Rocca attended medical school at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He then moved to Ottawa and did his residency in anesthesia and then a fellowship in critical care. He then worked at Queensway Carleton Hospital and University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

    In 2004, Dr. Rocca moved to Kelowna, BC where he joined the Department of Anesthesia at Kelowna General Hospital. While there, he was the department head for 2 years and director of Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

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