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Tummy Tucks: What To Consider From Consultation To Recovery

Tummy Tucks: What To Consider From Consultation To Recovery

Pregnancy and extreme weight loss can give you a saggy, jiggly stomach that never seems to go away. Every diet, workout regime, and even other treatments such as laser sculpting or radio wave treatments don’t seem to do the trick anymore, leaving you feeling discouraged. Abdominoplasty procedures (most commonly referred to as a tummy tuck) can effectively remove the stubborn fat deposits and loose abdominal skin that exercise and diet cannot get rid of.

This cosmetic surgical procedure removes excess stomach fat and skin while also tightening the mid and lower abdominal muscles. Before deciding to go ahead with this transforming, body contouring surgical procedure, there are a few factors to consider. It is important to understand that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss solution. The best candidates are those who have reached their ideal weight but continue to struggle with loose skin and weakened muscles.

What A Tummy Tuck Can Do For You

Women, after having children, may seek to have a Mommy Makeover that includes a tummy tuck procedure. During a tummy tuck, your surgeon will remove the excess fat and skin from your abdomen and will likely relocate your bell button. They will also repair any separation of abdominal muscles that can often occur during pregnancy by tightening the abdominal muscles together again. Patients choose to undergo this body contouring procedure for a variety of reasons including:

  • To achieve a more defined waistline
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Remove stubborn fat and sagging skin
  • To tone abdominal muscles

The abdominoplasty is an extremely effective surgical procedure that is designed to sculpt the waistline and smooth the stomach for long-term results. 

What To Consider Before Getting A Tummy Tuck

As with any surgical procedure, it is important that you do your homework to understand both the positive and potential risks of a tummy tuck. Even though abdominal surgery is very successful, there are extensive recovery requirements and potential complications that must be considered. 

Tummy tuck surgery requires significant downtime

Recovery from a tummy tuck will require weeks. The surgical technique involves a straight-line incision that stretches from hip to hip. Patients should expect their recovery to take two to three weeks. Strenuous activities will have to be postponed for at least four to six weeks. Expect to be swollen and bruised for several days after your procedure. It is not uncommon to feel slight pain during this time as well. Although you will steadily improve, it is important that you prioritize rest and recovery during this time. 

A tummy tuck will leave a permanent scar

Although the tummy tuck is one of the most valued cosmetic procedures offered today, the incision still leaves a scar on the lower abdomen. The scar will run horizontally from hip to hip just over the pubic bone and will very slowly fade over time.  Your surgeon will however place the incision strategically so it can be easily kept hidden by clothing, swimsuits, and underwear. 

Surgical drains will have to be in place for up to two weeks

After your surgery, surgical drains are placed in the incision area to eliminate the buildup of blood or fluids to keep swelling down and ensure proper healing. Although these drains are temporary, they will require diligent attention and care. Your surgeon will go over how to care for them, including any limitations on bathing. In most cases, drains are removed painlessly after ten days. 

Tummy Tuck Procedures At Our Kelowna Private Hospital 

Whether you are thinking about getting a full-abdominoplasty, mini-abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck as part of a Mommy Makeover take your time to do some research and consult a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon. The decision to go through with a tummy tuck procedure is very serious and personal and should not be rushed into or taken lightly. There are costs and recovery factors that should be considered to ensure that the procedure is right for you. 

To find out more about the costs and benefits of a tummy tuck procedure, and how our team of board-certified plastic surgeons can create a fully customized treatment plan to help you reach all your aesthetic goals, contact our Kelowna private hospital at 250-868-9799 or fill in our online contact form.


Q: How long is the recovery time for a tummy tuck?
A: A tummy tuck requires up to four weeks of downtime where you cannot take part in any strenuous activity.  You may feel close to your old self after a few months, but it can take a full year for your abdomen to fully recover and show optimal results. 

Q: When can I begin exercising after my tummy tuck procedure?
A: You can begin light exercise four weeks after your procedure if approved by your surgeon.

Q: Will I be required to change my own drains at home?
A: Yes, you will. However, your surgeon will go over how to correctly change your drains without causing discomfort.

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