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Private Vs Public Hospitals: Which Choice is Right For You?

From general surgery to specialized orthopaedic, cosmetic, and urology treatments, our Kelowna Private Hospital has the team and state-of-the-art facilities to give you the quality healthcare you deserve.

Quality of care is a key component of good health and whether you are suffering from a small injury, or a serious medical condition, working with a team of experienced doctors and in the right facility is crucial for ensuring:

  • A good surgical outcome
  • No risk or harm falls upon service users
  • You have more control over your healthcare experience
  • There are no delays in providing and receiving healthcare

Quality Healthcare at our Kelowna Private Hospital

At our Kelowna private hospital, we offer a wide range of quality treatments from general surgery to plastic/cosmetic procedures to help enhance the function of your body and the aesthetic appeal of your appearance.

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Public vs Private Hospitals In Kelowna

When you or your family members are seeking medical care, be it for a cosmetic treatment, emergency, or general surgery, the standard and effectiveness of the care you receive should be your first priority.

Here are some crucial differences between public and private hospitals that you need to know before you select a doctor and facility for your medical care:

1. Wait Times

Delays in seeking medical care in the public sector is often experienced in Canada, as much as it is elsewhere in the world. Often, public hospitals will have wait times of between 2-5 hours, whereas private hospitals will typically admit patients within one hour of their arrival.

2. Appointments

Public hospitals often work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, with priority cases shifting the lower priority patients further down the to-be seen list. On the other hand, private hospitals ensure capacity so that each patient is seen much faster. This is often due to their lower patient numbers and their higher staffing levels.

3. Doctors

While staff in both public and private hospitals are highly trained and extremely capable, private hospital doctors and general surgeons are often more experienced due to the competitive nature and higher salaries at such institutions.

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4. Equipment

While the public hospitals in Canada are undoubtedly well-resourced and work with world-class equipment, private hospitals tend to have a bigger budget to spend on new technology and innovative treatments.

When you opt for general surgery at the private hospital, you can expect more advanced and state-of-the-art facilities and machinery.


Pros and Cons of Private Hospitals

Many Calgarians prefer going to private hospitals for emergencies and various treatments. This is because such institutions have many advantages, including:

  • They’re more equipped to offer personalized care
  • Instead of being responsible for dozens of patients, doctors and nurses usually only have a few to care for at a time.
  • They stay on the cutting-edge of technology and tend to offer upscale amenities for a more comfortable stay.
  • Shorter wait times
  • Excellent doctor-to-patient ratios

However, it is important to choose wisely when you are in need of medical care because private hospitals:

  • Often accepted only limited forms of insurance
  • Have the right to refuse treatment
  • Tend to be more expensive than public hospitals
  • Have a very limited amount of beds


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