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Is A Breast Lift Right For You?

Is A Breast Lift Right For You?

Unlike a breast augmentation, a breast lift (also called mastopexy) is a type of breast surgery that reshapes your natural breast to create a lifted, perky look to enhance the appearance of your breasts. A breast lift does not involve implants, but instead, it repositions the nipples and removes excess skin to alter the shape of the breast and tighten the skin, thus changing the breast shape. Normally, a breast lift is desired to reduce the appearance of sagging or asymmetrical breasts or uneven nipples. While this breast enhancement procedure may not be for everyone, if you want fuller looking, higher breasts, a breast lift may be right for you.

What To Expect From A Breast Lift

Increased Lift And Higher Positioning
Breast lifts are ideal if you want to reduce the look of sagging breasts. Whether your breasts have changed due to weight fluctuations or giving birth and breastfeeding, or you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts due to genetics or aging, a breast lift can change this. During a breast lift, your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin so that your breasts naturally sit higher and appear fuller.

Improved Shape Without Added Volume
A breast lift does not involve breast implants. Because of this, you can have a fuller appearance without increasing your breast size. Many women with naturally large breasts who are satisfied with the size of their breasts will opt for a breast lift instead of other procedures as it enhances what they already have without changing the size of their breasts.

Natural Enhancement
Since a breast lift doesn’t use anything you don’t already have, it is an option for creating a more aesthetically pleasing look without the need for silicone or saline implants. Many women opt for breast lifts because they look very natural. This breast enhancement option improves upon what you already have, creating a slightly more subtle breast enhancement than other procedures.

When Is A Breast Lift Not The Right Option?

If You Plan To Become Pregnant
Pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the shape, size, and position of your breasts. This can reverse the effects of your breast lift by causing the skin to stretch as breast tissue alters. Although you are often able to breastfeed after a breast lift, if this is something you’re considering, speak to your plastic surgeon beforehand. In general, it is recommended to wait until you have had all of the children you plan to before opting for a breast lift.

If You Have Uncontrolled Health Issues
Health problems such as high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders, a history of poor reactions to anaesthesia, or any other risks that may complicate surgery could preclude you from being eligible for breast lift surgery. Although breast lifts are typically very safe, all forms of surgery come with potential risks, and any possible complications that may lead to an unsafe surgery may disqualify you from being a candidate for a breast lift. Please speak with your plastic surgeon if you have any questions or concerns. 

If You Are Satisfied With The Position Of Their Breasts
A breast lift does not change the size of your breasts but rather repositions them to create a more lifted, fuller appearance. If you like the way your breasts look while wearing a bra, a breast lift may be the breast enhancement procedure for you. If you want your breasts to be larger, consider breast augmentation using either silicone or saline implants or combine a breast lift with breast augmentation for ideal results. If you want smaller breasts, consider a breast reduction.

Feel Great About Your Body With A Breast Lift From Okanagan Health Surgical

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, Okanagan Health Surgical can help improve your image and your confidence. If you feel that your breasts have lost volume due to aging, weight loss, or pregnancy, a breast lift surgery can help restore fullness and symmetry to your body for a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette. During a consultation, our plastic surgeons at Okanagan Health Surgical Centre in Kelowna, BC, can discuss the procedure with you and assess your health and goals to determine if this is the right surgery for you. Call us at (250) 868-9799 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How do I know which type of breast surgery is right for me?
A: To determine which type of breast surgery will give you the results you want, consider your desired outcomes. If your breasts are larger than you would like, you should consider a breast reduction. If your breasts are sagging or you are unhappy with their position, consider a breast lift. If you want larger breasts, consider breast implants. You can also combine a breast lift with either a reduction or augmentation, depending on your desired outcomes. To learn more, read How to Determine Which Type of Breast Surgery is Right for You and speak to an Okanagan Health Surgical plastic surgeon.

Q: What will I experience during recovery from a breast lift?
A: You will have to rest and avoid strenuous activities for at least 2 weeks before resuming daily tasks. You will also be unable to participate in any vigorous activities, and some fitness activities for at least 3 weeks after your procedure. Some patients experience minor pain, bruising, and swelling as well as some numbness around the areola, however, it should decrease over several weeks. Your final result, with all swelling gone, may take up to 6 months or more to become apparent. Learn more about recovery by reading 10 Tips For Optimal Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery.

Q: How long will breast lift surgery results last?
A: The results of mastopexy can last many years, however, if you are planning a pregnancy or significant weight loss, it’s best to discuss this with your plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure, as it may alter your breast shape and compromise your results.

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