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How to Prepare For An Otoplasty

Are you considering a future cosmetic ear surgery? Here are some of the top tips from our Kelowna plastic surgeon on how to prepare for an otoplasty to ensure the safest and most satisfactory results.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is often recommended by plastic surgeons for patients who have misshapen, out of proportion, or out of position ears, in relation to their face. This can be an issue that was present at birth, or a problem that came about due to injury or an accident. 

Children may be good candidates for an otoplasty if they:

  • Are at least 5 years old 
  • Don’t suffer from chronic health conditions and are otherwise healthy 
  • Can understand instructions and be cooperative, which is essential for the healing process. 

Adults could be good candidates for an otoplasty if they: 

  • Are non-smokers
  • Have an optimistic outlook and realistic expectations of results
  • Can identify specific goals for the ear surgery
  • Are in good general health 

Our Kelowna Plastic Surgeons Offer a Wide Range of Cosmetic Facial Surgery Procedures 

At our Kelowna hospital, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons offer a wide range of cosmetic facial surgery procedures, including otoplasty, facelifts, neck lifts, and forehead lifts, to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe and effective manner. 

During a virtual consultation with our Kelowna plastic surgeon, we can help you decide whether or not an otoplasty is right for you, as well as help you plan for any future cosmetic surgery procedures, including facelifts, neck lifts, and forehead lifts. 

Want to know more? 


How to Prepare for an Otoplasty: Your Comprehensive Guide 

Otoplasty is one of the few plastic surgery procedures that is routinely performed on children and adults. It is used to address a number of different ear issues, such as: 

  • Protruding ears
  • Constricted ears
  • Microtia 
  • Enlarged earlobes 

Because of the many issues it can treat, a wide variety of techniques and treatments have been developed. However, regardless of which technique your Kelowna plastic surgeon uses, the steps you need to take to prepare for the surgery remain the same. 

Here is your step-by-step guide to preparing for an otoplasty: 

Weeks Before Your Otoplasty 

  • Your plastic surgeon will likely instruct you to stop the use of blood thinning medications, NSAIDs, and certain vitamins and herbal supplements 
  • If the patient is a child, you should inform the school in advance, because a few days will be required for healing 
  • You must quit smoking for at least 4 weeks before your surgery 
  • Talk to your surgeon about what results you can realistically expect from this surgery 
  • Arrange for help with after-care, if necessary 
  • Follow a healthy diet and stay hydrated 


A Day Before Your Surgery 

  • If your otoplasty is to be performed under general anesthesia, avoid eating or drinking for 8 hours prior to your surgery, or as instructed by your plastic surgeon 
  • Make preparations for the recovery phase, such as applying for a week’s leave at your place of work, or for a few days off of school
  • Arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home after the surgery
  • Stock up on necessary recovery items, such a gauze bandage, pain relievers, ice packs, and extra pillows 

Day of the Surgery 

  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes to the hospital  
  • Avoid wearing restrictive shirts or clothes with collars that need to be pulled over your head 
  • Wash your hair thoroughly the morning of your surgery 
  • Avoid makeup 
  • Leave items such as your jewelry, contact lenses, and other accessories at home 

Want to Know More About Preparing for an Otoplasty? 

If you are considering an otoplasty, or any other cosmetic facial surgery, such as a facelift, neck lift, or forehead lift, it’s important to understand how to prepare for the treatment. 

During a virtual consultation, our plastic surgeon can discuss your candidacy for your preferred procedure, as well as advise you on all necessary preparations you should take. To find out more, call us at (250) 868-9799 or fill out our online contact form.

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