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How to Maintain Healthy Knees

How to Maintain Healthy Knees

Even the most seasoned athlete, or any person living a healthy and active lifestyle, is likely to experience some knee discomfort, soreness, or stiffness at some point. But there is a line that you don’t want to cross; when overuse turns into loss of function and movement restriction. You may notice that you cannot move the way you used to, or perhaps it’s a sudden tweak while doing an activity that was never difficult for you in the past. Once knee pain and movement restriction begin it can be difficult to regain your knee health without requiring orthopedic surgery.

The knees are an important and complex part of the body, but the good news is that some very simple habits can help you achieve knee joint health. Here are the top recommendations to maintain the health of your knees and avoid the pain and inconvenience of knee surgery.

Although knee soreness or stiffness can be expected from time to time there are many things you can do to keep your knees happy, healthy, and most importantly-- pain-free. Here are some recommendations:

Start with a Proper Foundation. If you haven’t guessed it, proper footwear tops the list of ways to keep your knees moving well and without pain. When you choose shoes that support your joints, your body will thank you through correct posture, better physical alignment, and a decreased chance of injury. Are you looking for an additional bonus of wearing comfortable and supportive footwear? Your feet will ache less at the end of the day when you choose a supportive flat, as opposed to a restrictive high-heeled shoe. Treat your knees right and purchase yourself a pair of good shoes.

Get it Straight. Having good posture offers a plethora of benefits to you other than just looking good (although, who doesn’t want to look better too?). If your knees are feeling stiff and inflamed, you can bet that taking the time to correct your posture will go a long way in avoiding knee surgery in the future. When you slouch forward, the muscles that would normally support your body are not engaged, causing undue stress on smaller muscles and joints that should have no part in holding the weight of your body upright. Simply put, standing up straight, using your major muscle groups such as your core and glutes, and standing tall will do wonders for protecting your knees.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Happy Joints. We hear it all the time, but many orthopedic surgeons will agree: eating healthy and keeping your weight in check are two significant influences on the health of your knees. You don’t need extreme diets and fitness regimens to give your joints some love; small lifestyle changes will add up to big benefits for keeping your weight down and extending the life of your knees.

Moving is the Bee’s Knees. If you don’t use it, you will lose it! The best way to benefit your complex knee joints is to simply move your body. Going for walks, climbing small hills and stairs, getting outside and joining recreational activities are all surefire ways to ensure that you avoid visits to the knee surgeon.

Add Some Strength. If you’re already moving your body regularly and perhaps now are looking for additional ways to stay healthy and active, adding some strength training to your routine will pay off in spades. Joining a gym, going to group fitness classes, swimming or building your strength through Yoga and Tai Chi are all good ways to support your knees by making the surrounding muscles stronger. Exercising, engaging and strengthening your hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles can help to reduce knee pain for good.

Okanagan Surgical Experts

Healthy and happy knees are an important way of staying independent, keeping mobile, and continuing on with all the activities that you love even as you age. Protecting these highly used joints is important and should be a focus for you and your health care provider at any age.

Okanagan Health is a leading orthopedic surgical centre located on Richter Street in Kelowna, BC. For over two decades the team of expert surgeons, and support staff, have been helping treat and care for the knees of people locally and from all over the world with their fly-in and fly-out service. If you are considering knee surgery to reduce pain and increase mobility, reach out to their administrative staff to book an appointment by filling out the website form or calling toll free: (877) 505-8895 or (250) 868-9799.


Q: What does knee surgery entail?
A: Most common knee surgeries include Arthroscopy which is a minimally invasive technique where the orthopedic surgeon will insert cameras, and tiny surgical tools, into the knee through small incisions around the knee.

Q: What is orthopedic surgery?
A:  Orthopedic surgeons are specialists in the musculoskeletal body: meaning the joints, ligaments and muscles that are used to move the body. So an orthopedic surgery is one that would be completed by a specialized surgeon treating an injury or impairment to movement.

Q: Does Kelowna have a specialized knee surgeon?
A: The team of knee experts at Okanagan Health Surgical Centre in Kelowna have been successfully treating this highly important and functional joint for hundreds of patients over the last two decades. If you are contemplating knee surgery, you are in the right hands with the best orthopedic surgery specialists at Okanagan Health.

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