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How To Maintain The Results Of Your Breast Mastopexy

How To Maintain The Results Of Your Breast Mastopexy

A breast mastopexy, also called a breast lift, is a great option for anyone who wants to improve the shape, lift, and symmetry of their breasts. A breast mastopexy is a surgical solution that can lift breasts that sag due to age, genetics, weight fluctuation, or pregnancy. There are ways you can help maintain breast mastopexy results to keep your breasts lifted for longer. Maintaining the integrity of the breast skin, tissue, and ligaments will help you get the most out of your breast mastopexy so that you can feel confident in your body for years to come.

Ways To Maintain Breast Mastopexy Results

Maintain Your Weight
Weight fluctuations can alter the results of your breast mastopexy. Increased weight can add fat to your breasts and alter their size, symmetry, and positioning. Added weight may pull your breasts down more and stretch the skin. Weight loss can also alter the appearance of your breasts, as it can leave your breasts with excess skin and nullify the lifted appearance created by your breast mastopexy. Maintaining a relatively steady weight will help keep your breast mastopexy looking great.

Stay Hydrated
Hydration is vital to the health of your skin. Staying hydrated both on the inside and the outside help your skin retain elasticity and can help to prolong breast mastopexy results. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your skin hydrated and will help to prevent the development of stretch marks while keeping your skin nourished. Using moisturizers and lotions on your breasts will keep the skin hydrated as well, and some serums may help stimulate collagen production, which will help your breast skin maintain elasticity.

Building strength in your chest muscles will help you maintain lift in your breasts for years to come and will fight the natural drooping of your breasts as you age. Exercise can also help keep your skin healthy, which will sustain the look of your breast mastopexy over time.

Wear The Right Bra
A bra that fits properly will help to support your breasts and minimize movement. This helps your breasts maintain their shape and lift over time. If you don’t wear a bra often, breasts can sag more over time. Wearing an ill-fitting bra or one that is too restrictive can also have adverse effects on your breasts. Extreme push-up bras will strain the ligaments and muscles of your breasts whereas bras that are too loose will not offer the support needed. Instead, wear medium-soft bras and receive a bra fitting so you know exactly what the right size for you is. Keep in mind that you will need to wear a compression bra as you recover from your breast lift surgery and then you will need to avoid wearing bras with a wire for about 6 weeks after surgery. After this, you can return to wearing bras with wire if you choose.

Sleep On Your Back
Sleeping on your side or stomach puts added stress on your breasts for the duration of the night. The strain on the skin, muscles, and ligaments can lead to your breasts sagging earlier than if you routinely sleep on your back. If staying on your back throughout the night is difficult, try putting pillows on either side of your torso to help you stay in one position.

Have Good Posture
When you hunch over, your breasts will pull down more, which will lead to decreased lift over time. Slouching also makes your breast mastopexy less noticeable in general, as slouched shoulders will alter your appearance to make your breasts as though they are sagging. Standing and sitting up straight are good for your back and your breasts and, as a bonus, good posture can help you look taller and thinner.

Give Your Breasts A Lift With Breast Mastopexy

One key component to making your breast mastopexy last is to have the procedure performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. At Okanagan Health Surgical, our team of private surgeons will ensure satisfying, lasting results. If you feel that your breasts have lost volume due to aging, weight loss, or pregnancy, a breast lift surgery can help restore fullness and symmetry to your breasts for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. During a consultation, our plastic surgeons at Okanagan Health Surgical Centre in Kelowna can discuss the procedure with you and assess your health and goals to determine if this is the right surgery for you. Call us at 1-250-868-9799 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Can I combine breast mastopexy with a breast augmentation?
A: Yes, if you want your breasts to be lifted while also increasing their size, you can receive a breast augmentation and mastopexy together. Contact your plastic surgeon to discuss your desired results.

Q: How do I know which breast surgery is right for me?
A: If you are satisfied with the size of your breasts but not with their lift or symmetry, consider a breast mastopexy (a breast lift). If you want larger breasts, consider a breast augmentation (breast implants). And if you want smaller breasts, consider a breast reduction. Either a breast reduction or breast augmentation can be combined with breast mastopexy for desired results. If you’re still unsure which procedure is right for you, read How To Determine Which Type Of Breast Surgery Is Right For You and speak with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Q: How long is the recovery time from breast lift surgery?
A: In general, breast lift recovery is relatively short because skin and soft tissue are reshaped without muscle involvement. Every patient will have a different recovery experience based on their health and the success of the surgery. Recovery typically takes 6 weeks after breast lift surgery, at which point you should see a significant reduction in swelling.

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