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Everything You Need to Know About Mole Removal

Mole removal is a common outpatient surgery that results in a blemish-free, aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Skin moles are small to large clusters of pigmented cells that appear as small, dark spots on the skin and can vary greatly in size and color. While they can appear anywhere on the body, they tend to grow on areas exposed frequently to the sun, including:

  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Face

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Everything You Need To Know About Mole Removal Surgery

Mole removal is a common outpatient surgery that can remove almost any such blemishes on your body. However, if you are considering this procedure, it’s important to fully understand what it involves.

Reasons For Removing a Mole

While moles are a very common skin condition, there are several reasons why you may want to consider a removal surgery, including:

  • Cosmetic reasons (i.e. you are not happy with the way it looks)
  • The mole is irritating and interferes with dressing, shaving or other activities
  • Health reasons (your doctor suspects that the blemish could indicate possible skin cancer)

Moles and Skin Cancer

While most moles are harmless, some are considered to be precancerous and have a higher likelihood of turning into melanoma than common moles. You should see your doctor if your mole:

  • Is unusually large (bigger than 6mm) or gradually growing in size
  • Has edges that are ragged, notched, blurred or irregular
  • Has recently changed color
  • Is causing you pain
  • Exudes fluid or blood
  • Is asymmetrical


What Happens During a Mole Removal Surgery?

Mole removal surgeries generally take less than 30 minutes to complete and are done on an outpatient basis. There are three main steps, including:

  • Step 1 - The treatment area is numbed using a local anesthetic injection and then cleaned with alcohol to prevent infection.
  • Step 2 - Your medical professional will then use a tool to remove the blemish in one sitting.
  • Step 3 - One the blemish is removed, the skin is closed up with sutures to promote healing.

Types of Mole Removal Procedures:

There are a number of different mole removal procedures which vary by the tool used to remove the blemish. These include:

1. LASER EXCISION: During this procedure, a laser is used to evaporate the blemish and its base. It involves NO incisions and doesn’t need any sutures. This is the best choice for minimal scarring.

2. CAUTERIZATION: Your skin care specialist will burn away the blemish and its base using heat. It requires no incisions or sutures but can leave a light scar.

3. SCALPEL EXCISION: Using a scalpel, your medical professional will carefully cut away all of the blemish and its base. This surgery is likely to require sutures and will leave a light scar.

4. SHAVING/BIOPSY: This type of procedure is often used to determine whether or not your mole is cancerous. During the procedure, your medical professional will use a scalpel to remove part or all of a protruding blemish, leaving the base behind.


Considering Mole Removal Surgery? Talk To Your Cosmetic Specialist First!

If you are worried about a mole or blemish, it’s important to discuss removal with your cosmetic specialist or physician as they can refer you to a specialist if necessary. REMEMBER: opting to have a blemish removed professionally instead of at home is faster, cleaner and less likely to result in infection


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