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Are You At Risk of Developing a Ganglion Cyst?

Do you have a ganglion cyst? Here are some reasons why you should consider a ganglion cyst removal, and how this procedure can enhance the function of your body and the quality of your life.

Ganglion cysts are very common lumps within the hand and wrist that occur adjacent to joints or tendons. Some of the most common locations are at the top of the wrist, the palm side of the wrist, or at the top of the end joint of the finger.

In some cases ganglion cyst removal is recommended as ganglions can:

  • Interfere with joint movement
  • Cause pain and discomfort
  • Affect the appearance of your hands
  • Result in muscle tingling or weakness

Restore the Function of Your Hand With Ganglion Cyst Removal

At Okanagan Health Centre, our team of board-certified and highly qualified surgeons offers a wide range of surgeries, including ganglion cyst removal as well as knee/shoulder/ankle surgery to help restore the function in your body and help you feel well again.

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What Are Ganglion Cysts?

Ganglion cysts are non-cancerous lumps that commonly develop along the joints and tendons of wrists and hands. In some cases, they can occur in the ankles and feet, and are often round or oval in shape, and filled with a jelly-like fluid.

If they press on a nearby nerve, they can be painful and can sometimes interfere with joint movement. If your ganglion cyst is causing problems, your doctor may suggest removing it surgically or draining it with a needle.

However, in many cases, treatment is not necessary as patients have no symptoms and the cysts eventually go away on their own.

What are the symptoms of ganglion cysts?

The lumps associated with ganglion cysts have certain signs, including:

  • Location: The most commonly develop along the joints or tendons of your wrists or hands. The next common location is on the ankles or feet.
  • Shape and Size: Most ganglion cysts are oval and measure less than 2.5 centimeters in diameter. In some cases, they’re so small that they cannot be felt. In addition, the size of a cyst can fluctuate, often getting larger when you use the joint repetitively.
  • Pain: Ganglion cysts are typically painless, but if they press on the nerve, it can cause tingling, muscle weakness, numbness, and pain.

What causes Ganglion Cysts?

A ganglion cyst grows out of a joint or lining of a tendon and occurs when the tissue that surrounds a joint or tendon bulges out of place. Inside the cyst is a thick, lubricating fluid, similar to those found in joints or around tendons.

Am I at Risk?

There are certain factors that can increase your risk of developing ganglion cysts, including:

  • Your sex and age. Ganglion cysts can develop in anyone but are most likely to occur in women between the ages of 20-40.
  • Osteoarthritis. People who have arthritis in the finger joints closest to their fingernails are at a higher risk of developing ganglion cysts.
  • Joint or tendon injury. If you have joints or tendons that have been injured in the past, these are more likely to develop ganglion cysts.


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If you have a ganglion cyst that is causing you discomfort or pain, our team of surgeons can assess your situation and determine whether or not ganglion removal surgery is necessary. To find out more, contact our Kelowna private hospital at 250-868-9799 or book a consultation.

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