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6 Important Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery? Here are six things you should know before having this cosmetic surgery and why working with a board-certified plastic surgeon is so important.

Breast augmentation has long been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. However, as with all surgeries, the decision to undergo this procedure is highly personal and it should not be taken lightly. During an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon, they can assess your goals and health to determine whether or not it is a safe choice for you. 

Some of the signs that you might be a good candidate for a breast augmentation include: 

  • You are in good overall health and don’t suffer from any serious illness or infection 
  • Your breasts have lost volume or are sagging, whether it’s due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss 
  • You are a non-smoker 
  • You are aware of the risks and benefits of this surgery and you have realistic expectations of the outcome 
  • You have the time and ability to recover following cosmetic surgery 

While a large number of women do qualify for breast augmentation, you must book a consultation with your plastic surgeon beforehand to discuss all the details of your physical and mental health, as well as your aesthetic goals. If this procedure is deemed unsuitable for you, your plastic surgeon may be able to recommend an alternative that is right for you. 

Customized Cosmetic Breast Surgery at Our Kelowna Private Hospital 

At our Kelowna private hospital, our board-certified plastic surgeons are trained and skilled in a number of cosmetic breast surgeries including breast augmentation, mastopexy, and breast reduction. During a consultation, we can assess your goals and needs and help determine which procedure is best for you. 

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6 Things to Know Before Getting a Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘boob job’, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to increase the size of your breasts. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon it is a safe and effective way of restoring breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss and can help patients achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve any breast asymmetry. 

However, before you opt for a breast augmentation, here are six things you must know about this cosmetic surgery: 

1. Breast augmentation cannot correct sagging breasts.
Breast augmentation is designed to enhance the size of your breasts and it doesn’t correct severely drooping breasts. If you are concerned about this issue, your plastic surgeon might suggest having a breast lift along with your breast augmentation to help your breasts look fuller and lifted.

5 Reasons to Opt for a Breast Augmentation Mastopexy

2. You must choose your plastic surgeon carefully.
Before undergoing any cosmetic surgery, you must carefully research your plastic surgeon to ensure they are board-certified and have years of experience with breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, mastopexy, and reductions. You may also want to ask to see before and after photographs of past patients who share similar goals, concerns, and anatomy with you.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

3. You have to choose between saline and silicone implants.
Women undergoing breast augmentation have a choice between saline and silicone implants. Silicone implants produce a soft and natural look, but it can also be more difficult to detect leaks with this type of implant. On the other hand, saline implants readily reveal a leak and offer a good amount of fullness and projection. However, they are not as natural-looking or feeling as silicone implants and are more prone to rippling.

How To Choose The Right Implants

4. Bigger is not always better.
Every breast has a maximum volume it can accommodate. If you opt for implants that are too big, your risk of undesirable results and long-term health consequences increases. The size of your implant should be determined by your body size, available breast tissue, and your plastic surgeon’s advice.

5. Breast implants don’t last a lifetime.
It’s important to understand that breast implants are medical devices and they are not meant to be permanent. As your implants age, they become more susceptible to rupturing and/or rippling. Understand that you must plan to upgrade your implants in the future as this will reduce the likelihood of any complications and help you maintain an optimal appearance.

6. You’ll need time to recover.
Typically, patients can return to normal daily life a week after their procedure, unless your work is too vigorous. Immediately after surgery, your breasts will look swollen and may sit higher than usual. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to months for your breasts to ‘settle’ — that is to soften and look more natural. Make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions to speed up the recovery process and prevent any complications.

Book a Breast Augmentation Consultation Today

If you want to learn more about the costs and benefits of breast augmentation, or to know if you are a suitable candidate for this popular cosmetic surgery, contact our Kelowna private hospital at 250-868-9799 or book a consultation online. 


Q: Which type of breast implants feel most natural? 

When comparing saline and silicone implants, silicone implants tend to produce the most natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts. Silicone implants are slightly more expensive than saline ones because they are made from a highly viscous gel, making them much softer.  

Q: How long do breast implants last? 

Saline or silicone implants can last anywhere between 10-20 years. However, many are removed or replaced much sooner due to complications or cosmetic concerns. On average, you can expect your implants to be replaced or removed within 8-10 years. 

Q: What are the benefits of a breast augmentation mastopexy? 

A woman's breasts will undergo several changes in a lifetime. Various factors such as weight loss, aging, pregnancy, and genetics contribute to loss of elasticity, firmness, and shape. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are two different solutions but when performed together, they can make your breasts appear larger, firmer, and more youthful. 

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