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4 Tips On Maintaining Your Implants After a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popularly requested cosmetic surgeries in Canada. Here’s how to reduce your breast implant risks and ensure you get the safe and beautiful results you desire. 

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in Canada, and worldwide. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, this procedure is an extremely safe and effective way to:

  • correct any breast asymmetry (if one breast is smaller than the other)
  • restore volume to breasts that have lost their fullness due to pregnancy or weight loss
  • increase breast size
  • create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance

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At OHS, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons are qualified in a number of cosmetic procedures and can help assess your aesthetic goals and medical history to determine whether or not a breast augmentation is a safe choice for you.

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4 Tips on Maintaining Your Implants After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After your breast augmentation is complete, it’s very important to look after yourself to minimise any implant risks and ensure you maintain your results long after the cosmetic procedure is complete.

Here are four tips on how to take care of your breast implants after surgery:  

1. Take Time To Recover

Breast augmentation typically requires only a few days off work, but while the recovery period is minimal, it’s extremely important during this time to observe your surgeon’s instructions carefully.

You must:

  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine, or any blood-thinning medication such as aspirin.
  • Not sleep on your side or stomach for at least 6 weeks.
  • Avoid getting your wounds wet for at least 3-5 days after surgery.
  • Not wear an underwire bra for at least 6 weeks after your procedure.
  • Refrain from having a bath for 2 weeks. You can shower, but make sure to dry your wounds thoroughly afterwards.
  • Not run, jump, or perform any other vigorous physical activity that will make your breasts bounce as this could potentially break open your wounds and dislodge your implants.

Guide To Recovery


2. Ease Back Into Exercise

Although you can return to many activities just a few days after surgery, you’ll need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for a little longer. While advice around exercising after your procedure does differ from patient to patient, a general rule of thumb is:

  • Week one: Take a light walk outside, but nothing too strenuous or so far. If you start to feel pain, then stop. There is no rush.
  • Week two: Continue with walking and do some light cardio and low-impact exercises such as leg lifts or walking on a treadmill - anything that affects the lower body, not the top.
  • Week three: Continue with the low impact exercises but slowly start to incorporate some top-half exercises. However, if you’re in any pain, stop immediately. The tissue around your breasts is still delicate so anything too strenuous or abrupt can have a lasting impact on your implants.
  • Week six: By now, the pain and swelling should have subsided and you should be able to return to normal exercises around your abdomen and arms. Start off lightly and work your way up in terms of reps and weights, doing whatever is comfortable for you. Soon, you’ll be back to your normal routine.

Tip: If you’re an active person, this recovery period can be particularly frustrating, but it’s so important to be patient and listen to your body. This will ensure you avoid any long-term and potentially dangerous risks.


3. Avoid Large Weight Fluctuations

Large fluctuations in your weight can cause breast tissue to sag which is why, after a breast augmentation, it’s important to maintain a steady weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help with this.

If you’re planning on getting pregnant, it’s important to keep in mind that the changes to your body may take a toll on your implants. A breast lift may be needed after significant weight loss (including after pregnancy) to restore the shape and appearance of your breasts.


4. Support, Support, Support

After your breast augmentation procedure, one of the first things you need to get is a good bra that gives your implants the support they need. This will:

  • Limit the impact gravity has on your breasts
  • Prevent premature sagging
  • Protect your breasts from excessive bouncing and movement

Tip: Now that you have a new breast size, a professional fitting can greatly help you discover which bras fit your new cups and can save you a lot of time and frustration.


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