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4 Important Facts to Consider Before Undergoing a Vasectomy

**Okanagan Health Surgical No Longer Offers Vasectomies**


If you and your spouse are searching for a permanent method of birth control, you may have discussed a vasectomy. However, before you undergo this procedure, here are four important facts you must be aware of.

Deciding to undergo a vasectomy is a very serious decision and should be taken under the guidance of a qualified surgeon. If you are considering this procedure, there are numerous benefits you could enjoy, including: 

  • Greater ownership of your reproductive life
  • Safer than pregnancy termination or tubal ligation 
  • Lower long-term costs (e.g. no more need for condoms or birth control pills) 
  • No more concerns about unplanned pregnancies 

What is a vasectomy reversal? A vasectomy reversal surgery is carried out to undo a vasectomy. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis, but it is a much more complex and delicate surgery compared to a vasectomy. During the procedure, your surgeon will reconnect each tube that carries the sperm from the testicle to the semen. 

It’s important to note that there is no guarantee that a vasectomy reversal will result in a pregnancy. Therefore, you must take your time when deciding whether a vasectomy is right for you. 

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4 Facts About a Vasectomy You Must Consider 

When performed by a qualified surgeon, a vasectomy is a safe and effective procedure. However, as with all surgical procedures, undergoing a vasectomy is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You and your partner must take the time to consider if this is the right option for you. 

You may be a candidate for a vasectomy if: 

  • You and your partner are certain that you don’t want any more children 
  • Your partner shouldn’t get pregnant for the sake of her health 
  • You or your spouse are carriers of a genetic disorder that you don’t want to pass to your own children

During a consultation with your surgeon, they can assess your unique situation and circumstances to help determine if a vasectomy is the right choice for you and your partner. 

If you are considering a vasectomy, here are some things you must know: 

1. A Vasectomy is a Safe and Quick Procedure 

A vasectomy is a quick and simple procedure that is typically performed on an outpatient basis. The surgery will take approximately 30 minutes. Once your surgeon has given you a local anesthetic to numb your scrotum, they will make 1-2 small incisions in the scrotum. 

The vas deferens are then lifted through the incisions and cut. Following this, your surgeon will seal off the ends of the vas deferens and if needed, the incisions will be closed with stitches. After this surgery, the sperm will not be able to leave the testicles. 

Downtime is Minimal 

The downtime for a vasectomy is minimal and following this procedure, you will be able to: 

  • Return to work in 2-3 days
  • Resume normal exercise after 1 week 
  • Start having sex again after 7 days 

You may have some bruising or swelling following the surgery, but these should resolve within 14 days. 

2. Sterilization Doesn’t Happen Immediately 

Following a vasectomy, the sperm count in your ejaculate will begin to gradually decrease. This means that you will have to use other birth control methods until your semen sample comes back completely sperm-free. This typically takes around two months.

Keep in Mind: A vasectomy doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted infections. If you have more than one sex partner, practice safer sex using condoms. 

3. A Vasectomy Can Be Reversed, But Pregnancy is Not Guaranteed 

You might find that your circumstances change after a vasectomy and if you wish to achieve a pregnancy in the future, a vasectomy reversal can be done. However, this procedure is much more delicate and complicated compared to a vasectomy, and it can take between 4-6 hours to complete. 

You must also keep in mind that following a vasectomy reversal, pregnancy is not guaranteed. That’s why it’s important for you and your spouse to carefully consider all your wants and needs before opting for a vasectomy. 


4. A Vasectomy Will Not Affect Your Sexual Functioning 

A vasectomy will not change your sexual function or affect your sexual drive. When you begin having sex again following the procedure, it should feel the same as before. This surgery should also not affect your relationship with your partner. 

If you do experience any change in your sexual drive or functioning following the vasectomy, you must contact your surgeon. In addition, call your surgeon if you notice any of the following symptoms after your procedure: 

  • Fever or chills
  • A large black-and-blue area or a growing lump
  • Increased pain or swelling in your scrotum 
  • Trouble urinating 
  • Redness or drainage at the incision site 

Do not ignore any of the above signs. It’s important to contact your surgeon immediately to protect your overall health. 

**Okanagan Health Surgical No Longer Offers Vasectomies**



Q: How long does it take for a vasectomy to achieve complete sterility?
You can safely have sex about 1-2 weeks following your vasectomy, but the effect on your sterility will not be complete until about 2-3 months after the procedure. 

Q: How effective is a vasectomy reversal?
After a vasectomy reversal, sperm are again present in your semen and you may be able to achieve a pregnancy. The success rate ranges from 30-90 per cent. 

Q: Is a vasectomy 100 per cent effective?
No form of birth control is 100 per cent guaranteed, but a vasectomy is one of the most effective methods available. There is a slight chance of pregnancy following this procedure, which can even occur after several years.

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