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Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your bust line, there are a number of safe and effective options available.

Two of the most popular procedures for breast enhancement are mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation. The technique you choose will depend on:

  • Your specific concerns
  • Your desired aesthetic goals 

At our Okanagan Surgical Centre, our board-certified plastic surgeons are skilled in an array of cosmetic treatments and can help determine which procedure is best suited to you and your individual requirements.

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Mastopexy vs Breast Augmentation: Which is Right For You?

Women of all ages undergo breast lifts or breast augmentations to achieve their desired appearance.

While for some, it’s perfectly obvious which operation is the best choice, for others, the situation may not be so clear-cut.

Here are some things you may want to consider before considering either breast surgery:  

1. Mastopexy

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, raises and firms the breasts for a whole new contour. However, this plastic surgery procedure DOES NOT increase the size of the breasts.

A mastopexy is often ideal for candidates who:

  • Have drooping/saggy breasts
  • Want to improve their breast contour after significant weight loss
  • Want to restore a better breast shape after pregnancy/breast-feeding
  • Want a perkier, more youthful breast shape

While a breast lift is very helpful for sagging breasts, there are some drawbacks to the procedure, including more scarring than with a breast augmentation.

In addition, some women are disappointed to find that their breast size doesn’t increase with the procedure, so the results aren’t as dramatic as they were hoping for.

2. Breast Augmentation

Unlike a mastopexy, the purpose of a breast augmentation is to increase your cup size. Your plastic surgeon can achieve this by placing silicone or saline implants into your breasts.

A breast augmentation is ideal for women who want to:

  • Increase their breast size
  • Achieve a more rounded breast shape
  • Improve balance and symmetry of breasts

Implants will increase breast size and provide additional cleavage. However, the choice between saline and silicone implants is not always a simple one.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, it’s important to work together with your plastic surgeon to determine the best choice for your individual body shape and needs.

3. Combination Treatment

The choice to have a mastopexy or breast augmentation is a personal one and sometimes, both procedures may be performed together for a more dramatic result.

The increased breast size is easily supported by the breast lift procedure, and the nipple re-positioning from the mastopexy provides a more natural, aesthetically pleasing look.

If you are considering a combination treatment, your plastic surgeon may recommend having both procedures done at the same time or separately, depending on your specific needs and situation.

Pre-Surgical Consultation

If you are considering a breast augmentation, mastopexy or a combination of the two, it’s important to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon to assess all your options thoroughly.

They can help assess your aesthetic goals and unique concerns to determine what is the best course of action for you.

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