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6 Exercises to Avoid During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Are you considering a breast augmentation procedure? Here are some helpful tips from the team at our Kelowna private hospital on how to stay in shape during your recovery period.

One of the most important aspects of any cosmetic procedure, such as liposuction and breast augmentation, is the recovery period. Taking the time to understand what is needed during this period, as well as following your plastic surgeons’ post-surgical advice is extremely important because it will:

  • significantly shorten the healing process
  • lower your risk of developing any surgical complications
  • help you stay more comfortable and positive
  • ensure safer and better results

Breast Augmentation


How to Exercise Following a Breast Augmentation Surgery

When performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon at locations such as our private hospital in Kelowna, a breast augmentation is a safe way to achieve your desired body shape. However, it’s important to give your body time to heal to ensure the best results.

You must be especially careful when it comes to exercising after your breast augmentation surgery as this will help lower your risk of complications, scarring, and any other unwanted side effects.

Complete Rest: The Recovery Phase

While the recovery phase varies according to each individual patient, your plastic surgeon will likely recommend at least 2-3 weeks of TOTAL REST after your breast augmentation surgery. Some light walking is recommended to promote blood flow, but make sure to avoid any heavy lifting or intense activities.


6 Exercises to Avoid During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

When it comes to working out after your breast augmentation, you must be very careful not to overuse the pectoral muscles. Since the vast majority of implants are placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle, this will need to heal fully before any stress is placed on it.

This means that for at least one month after your surgery, you SHOULD NOT:

  • lift anything that is heavier than 10 pounds
  • pull/push/carry any heavy objects which including large purses and car doors
  • do any weight training
  • play sports such as golf, tennis, or swimming
  • do exercises such as push ups, pull ups, dips, pilates, and certain yoga poses
  • do any strenuous activity. Sweating and increased blood pressure can cause the swelling of blood tissues which may negatively affect your healing process.  


How to Stay in Shape During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

While walking is recommended after the first week of your surgery, in about one month many patients get the green light to ease back into aerobic workouts and lower body strength exercises.

These include:

  • lunges (without weights)
  • squats (without weights)
  • leg presses
  • light-to-moderate cardio such as walking on a treadmill or using a stationary bike
  • core specific training exercises IF they’re done correctly

REMEMBER: Always consult your plastic surgeon before you start any type of exercise or post-operative workout programme. This will ensure that your health is protected and you avoid any unwanted risks or negative side-effects from your surgery.


Stay Smart About Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

While it’s natural to want to stay in shape after a breast augmentation surgery, it’s also crucial to follow your surgeon’s recommendations and to maintain a healthy diet for optimum healing.

While you may be eager to resume an active schedule, remember that a few weeks of rest is not much in the grand scheme of things and that letting your body heal slowly and properly should be your primary concern.


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